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You can purchase our professional photographic and print services by contacting us via the Contact Us link in the menu.

Professional Photographic Services

In addition to the prices through our online purchasing system, we provide the following additional professional photographic services as well. It is very important that prior to purchasing our service you understand and agree to the following conditions.

  1. We own all rights to all digital media captured by our equipment whether they are captured by our staff or anyone else. We will use the captured photographs for our commercial purpose to advertise, promote our business, or sell to the clients or anyone related to or affiliated with the clients or guests at the events.
  2. Our clients agree to grant full permission to AllOn Network, LLC to capture the bodies or likeness of them and any guest and thing at the event.
  3. Our clients will defend, hold harmless, and indemnify AllOn Network, LLC for any problem arise from our service for the event indefinitely.
  4. Our clients will have full license to use, modify, share, and distribute the photographs delivered by us as they wish, but may not sell them or claim to be the author.
  5. If your event is further than 50 miles from Newcastle, WA, transportation and/or lodging expenses may be required and will be added to the following prices and be part of the final service agreement.
  6. Our delivery timeframe for the final photographs will be 3-14 days after the event.


Baby (1 hour)$300.00
Family (1 hour)$400.00
Maternity (1 hour)$300.00
Senior (1 hour, up to 2 people)$300.00
Event (Per Hour Pricing, 2 hours minimum)$250.00
Engagement (4 hours)$800.00
Wedding Ceremony (8 hours max)$1,200.00
Wedding Reception (8 hours max)$1,200.00
Wedding Ceremony and Reception (16 hours max)$2,400.00


Professional Large-Format Print Services

We also provide high quality large-format prints of photographs we have captured. We only use genuine Epson printer, ink, and media. We can have your prints be available for pickup as quickly as the same day you ordered.

8.5" x 11", 11" x 8.5"$20.00
17" x 22", 22" x 17"$70.00
24" x 17", 17" x 24"$120.00
24" x 24"$160.00
24" x 30", 30" x 24"$200.00
24" x 50", 50" x 24"$300.00
Life-size (up to 24" x 72" or 72" x 24")$500.00



We accept cash, check, and PayPal payments. We also provide the following generous offers:

  1. Repeat and referred clients:
    1. 6-equal payments over 6 months
    2. 5% non-refundable deposit
    3. 20% total discount
  2. New clients:
    1. 3-equal payments over 3 months
    2. 20% non-refundable deposit
  3. 20% total discount for booking 3 months in advance
  4. The non-refundable deposit applies towards the total payments